Nature’s Pantry And Acne

For most of us, the move towards a more natural way of living has become of paramount importance. We are beginning to understand that there is a solution in nature to each and every problem.

More and more research studies are proving that eating foods as close to naturally as possible is essential for our immune and other systems. Although the chemical ingredients in food can be replicated, their interaction with other nutrients in nature is a lot more complicated.

For example, look at the recent studies in Vitamin D. It has been proven that we need to concurrently also take in Vitamin K as well.

It cannot be right to eat the same quantity of Vitamin C as you would get in 100 oranges in one sitting – who eats 100 oranges in one go?

If you suffer with acne, it might be time to rethink the conventional medicine program you are on and look to natural solutions instead.

Take, for example, something that is probably already in your spice rack – aniseed. A daily cup of tea made from these seeds will help clear acne – it can also be used as a facewash.

Keep this up for a week and you will start to see improvements already. Keep it up long term and say goodbye to enlarged pores and acne.

Calendula oil is something that you have to lay your hands on. Alternatively, make your own by simmering calendula flowers in oil. This is brilliant at protecting against scars.

Roses look great in the garden or a vase but are just as valuabl for your skin. Use rosewater daily to soothe the skin and to make it easier for it to heal itself.

Alfalfa sprouts should be on your shopping list if you have acne – the sprouts help to clear the skin and promote energy and healing. Eat a handful daily.

For its astringent properties, it is tough to beat yarrow lotion. This will help to clear the skin and to help reduce the size of enlarged pores. It should not be taken internally.

Yarrow is a brilliant astringent and yarrow tea can be used in place of a toner. (This tea should not be drunk, however, as it can be toxic if ingested )

That’s just the herbs, we should not leave out fruit or veggies. These are nature’s vitamin supplements – eat plenty for good health.